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Top of the morning to you! Its the start of a new week and my expectations are high for myself and everyone else that good things will come of it. In fashion news, i was gifted this black and white (always a classic combination) dress by one of the coolest womens’ fashion stores in Lagos […]


How to rock the monochrome look

Hey You Guys!!! How was the weekend, and the new week??? My weekend was alright, my dear friend had a birthday thing on Sunday and it was so good to see old buddies : )  I’d bring you photos of that fun night very soon. This week has been so busy for me, my life […]


Modish Bow Ties - The Preview

Hey Darlings, Hope your weekend was good, mine I can tell you for free was no good as I worked throughout, but hey!!! yesterday was a special day : )  Couldn’t celebrate though, but will celebrate soon!!! FNM will start making (unisex) bow ties real soon for sale, its been in the pipeline for ages and […]