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Tribal Print

Happy Workers/Labor Day Guys!!! Its such a nice day to chill mid-week. Be grateful for the job you have as many are searching at home and abroad. Been in bed watching the British series “Downtown Abbey” and its nice to step away from the tension of my regulars and just enjoy millionaire household drama, thanks to […]


New Things....

  Hey guys, so tired today but wanted to show you a few of the things i got recently… Been craving sandals for a while now and these are so perfect…. The others will be unveiled in subsequent posts….stay fashionable and have an awesome weekend its Ms Modish, xx PS: Examine what you tolerate 


Mod Men Alert - Graphic Socks

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Humor Aztec-Print Graphic Socks

Humor Aztec-Print Graphic Socks

  The Graphic Sock Trend has been on for a while but i noticed a lot of men are still very much skeptical about embracing it. Yes i agree it may look too young but its fun, fresh, exciting and very much stylish!         The Pop it gives the entire outfit when seen […]