There’s nothing new in fashion

Ever heard of a full circle…..something that goes round and round and round…..that’ll be Fashion. The same famille would house Music, my best friend. Speakin of that…….BEP’s Just cant get enough has been on replay all week…i absolutely lurv! I’ve been watching this series set in the 60’s/70’s lately, and its awesome, the pieces worn […]


Random Style Rant

hello people’s really akward blogging on a monday buh yea…..such is life! so im on my way to work this morning and the convo…. Mr B: I just saw a lady wearing a lilac shirt and army green pantsMe: Laughing out Loud smiley Mr B: Topic for your blog plsss, colours you must neva think […]


Colours in Season

Hey fierce fam, All i see are colours this month, the beautiful, strong and domineering colours of the season. Today, i’d take three smashing colours and give quick tips on how to work them near purfectly. Electric blue is my favourite of the lot….infact im thinking of pairing it up with i won’t tell you […]


Dare to Differ

Time takes me away from my first love…..yes it does and thats why yours truly has not been in your face the way she should. Anywho, what have you been up to lately, style wise? Me got a better platform to at least express my style self on a daily basis so, i don’t feel […]


If you are stylish you would..........

·          Have a silk top in a bold color cuz it neva goes outta vogue. ·         Make sumfn outta nufn, style wise. ·         Wear the clothes and not the other way round. ·         Be bold enough to take risks and wait to see their results. ·         Rock individual looks, (H2T) head to toe. ·         Never […]


And then there was in 2010 and still is in 2011.........

Ms Modish….. Our own Ankara/Da viva/African print dresses rocked last year to functions of all sorts, a few of which are weddings, birthday parries, naming ceremonies and so on. The good news is they will remain on the fashion and style throne this year, and in various forms. However, ladies please do away with the […]