Forget about the price tag

Shoes! Shoes!! Shoes!!! Been wanting to blog about this for weeks so I’m ecstatic to finally start this shoe craze series today. Are you obsessed with this piece of an entire outfit? Do your shoes do the talking? Do they boost yourself confidence? Miss modish, Do they make you feel as shaped as an hourglass? […]


Gwen Stefani’s Love Angel Music Baby (L.A.M.B)

“I think fashion is more of a fun sort of thing,” Stefani says. “It’s an expression of yourself and your personality and your mood, it’s not something we take super deep. I’m not going to ever be a Vivienne Westwood ….. I’m trying to make clothes to wear every day, that’s what LAMB is. It’s […]


Royal wedding to you, Headresses to me

Yea yea….its the season of love and no other than our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are at the most comfortable and receiving end of this awesome feeling Asides from all the awww’s this memorable day, Modish was out to see who was wearing what and I must say I was a lil disappointed […]