Fierce and Modish officially started in December 2010 as a fashion and style blog born out of an undying love for fashion, personal style and consistently looking good head to toe. Today, the blog has birthed styling services, a personal shopping experience and image management offerings.

FNM as fondly called by friends provides:
Personal/Wardrobe Styling Services: insight to each client on how to look appropriate to or for any event, based on his or her available budget. So, if you are looking to build a corporate, casual, Holiday/vacation, Social/nightlife closet be sure that it can be done here.

Freelance Styling: having a photo shoot, fashion show, shooting a music video or directing a movie? FNM provides such services based on agreement to achieve the very best of these peculiar projects.

Wedding Themes/Inspiration: Have a stylist understand you and your spouse enough to guide you on the theme, colours, clothing/look for your entire wedding. Set your wedding apart by making unforgettable memories on this special day. Make your wedding a distinct experience.

Fierce and Modish believes everyone has got style, what we strive to do is to help express this original sense of style in the most flattering way as appearance plays an important role in the way one is perceived, treated, valued and respected. It determines if you will be taken seriously or not, if people will listen to you, believe in you and accept you or whatever you are involved in.

The styling done here is therefore not a game or hobby, it’s nothing for leisure, its a serious business that is born out of a thorough thought process combined with an avalanche of passion to make you look your best, even in bed!

Meet the Mod Man:
Mr Modish is bold, strong and consciously daring. His style is a teasing expression of his innate nature. He pays close attention to detail; he accessorizes involuntarily so he never looks ordinary and can transform casual into a statement. He has no bad days so always looks dapper, spends good money on looking good and has no apologies for it. In a few words, style for him exudes his essence.

Meet the Mod Woman

Ms Modish is the woman who expresses her sense of style because it suits her and she knows it. She knows the difference between being trendy and having a personal style and goes for the latter. She is known for always looking good and keeps people wondering what she will wear next. She’s confident, personable and pays attention to detail. Looking good makes her happy because she believes it says a lot about her and who she is.


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