April 15, 2013

Kimmy finally got the memo!

Hello Monday,

Its my worst day of the week so i am not even going to pretend i am excited, but i am most definitely grateful to be alive and well.

Hope you had a fab weekend….mine was good! This post had been on my mind for a while but things come in the way of blogging sometimes.

Kim’s maternity style has been a “hammer house of horror” situation since her bump got visible. I totally wondered why because her sister Kourt who had an amazing pregnancy style during both her pregnancies, is right next to her to help (either kourt or her personal stylist).

More unfortunately for Kim, she’s one of those who become totally blotted when pregnant so her waist line keeps growing wider every second, breasts fuller than ever and weight almost out of control.

The flip side is these changes in the body are very normal and can be managed to appear beautiful if accepted by the i-must-be-perfect Kim, as a phase. She should be having fun with it, own it and rock it like her sister did.

See a few before pictures to understand the frustration the fashion public all over the world have experienced, over kim’s not-so-amazing maternity style…


Kim Kardashian

kim-kardashian-new-york-city (1)

A Nigerian blogger referred to this look as nice, i couldn’t contain my shock….like really??? She looks like an aged barbie….not working!

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

Now this is what we call “na by force”


Why squeeze your waist into this skirt, its forced…

kim-kardashian-los-angeles (2)


Moving on….

Two weeks ago, the fashion police team had to voice their fears over her maternity style and a few days later, we may have seen some changes in her get up. This is not to say they are responsible for the change but i guess all these comments may have led to an intervention to save the hot mess.

I won’t get too comfortable though, she still has a few months until delivery….let’s hope she doesn’t go right back to where she is coming from but  for now, i am more than excited about these looks…

Valentino Dress

At the launch of her fragrance last week….

white and black

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

This was this past weekend at the MTV Movie Awards, without the gold neckpiece its not that bad so, cheers to more flattering outfits Miss Kim!!!

This post is so long argh…have fun loves and please do not dress ill-fitting when you are preggers, its uncomfortable, makes you look unhappy and people just would not forget!

its Ms Modish,


Photo Credits : www.nydailynews.com 


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