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How to rock the monochrome look

Hey You Guys!!! How was the weekend, and the new week??? My weekend was alright, my dear friend had a birthday thing on Sunday and it was so good to see old buddies : )  I’d bring you photos of that fun night very soon. This week has been so busy for me, my life […]


Just another Thursday

Hey Guys, How is everyone living, I am so excited for the weekend : )   My dreadful alarm won’t go off!!! This week has been a “tell me about it” one but I am so grateful for life that I won’t complain.     I wore this to work yesterday, business casual outfits are the […]


Modish Bow Ties - The Preview

Hey Darlings, Hope your weekend was good, mine I can tell you for free was no good as I worked throughout, but hey!!! yesterday was a special day : )  Couldn’t celebrate though, but will celebrate soon!!! FNM will start making (unisex) bow ties real soon for sale, its been in the pipeline for ages and […]


Tribal Print

Happy Workers/Labor Day Guys!!! Its such a nice day to chill mid-week. Be grateful for the job you have as many are searching at home and abroad. Been in bed watching the British series “Downtown Abbey” and its nice to step away from the tension of my regulars and just enjoy millionaire household drama, thanks to […]


Green and Purple

Hey Guys, Today, its no words, just pictures…. Some call it the writers block but always remember i love each and everyone who takes time out to read my posts on here, particularly since the migration to the main site. Thanks for always been there. “the best style in the world is the style that […]



The title of this post may get you worried, no i’m not a man lol. But yea, i’m totally hooked on M.I (a Nigerian rapper’s) recent hit titled Chairman. That’s literally the song that was playing in my head whilst i took these photos. Does that happen to anyone but me?   This was a […]