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Disturbing Abuja

Hey Guys!!! Hope your week was great and weekend, equally fab… I was out of town last week for a family wedding so this post is sort of a visual recap of my trip. The engagement part of the ceremony held on Friday last week, and this is what i wore…       I […]


Catching Up....Part II

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing good and the week has been great so far! This post is just a quick rundown of my last week. Meanwhile, what did you think of the recent MTV VMA’s…? I was generally disappointed by the turn out of looks various celebrities spotted hence the lack of a fierce […]


what we wore...

  Hey Lovelies, How was the weekend. Mine was pretty okay, I had a wedding on Saturday and worked on Sunday for a bit, after church. At some point caught a brief nap and indulged in a few hours of BBA (trust)! What did you do??? Weddings for me really are sort of like an excuse […]


These Just In!

Hi Guys, Hope the weekend is treating you fair! I spent the day running a few errands, finishing off Luther (the British series), watching football and now blogging. This saturday has not been so shabby : 0 ) At the start of the year, i promised myself and everyone around me that i’d tone down on the shopping […]


Style Post - Mint + Red

Hey Guys, Hope your week has been off to a great start! The year is literally running to an end and every other thing is along with it. I am mentally and physically exhausted, can’t wait to get time off to do nothing but relax into the new year. Started thinking about 2013 yet??? Remember those […]


The erotic and The bloody

Hello guys, how are we ??? August has been such a long month and im happy its ended. Its Friday and I’m thankful for this because i love to chill after a long and hectic week of waking by 6a.m (oh dear) for work. The chilling this time around will be amazing as i have […]