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Candid Moments - LFDW Day 3&4

Hey lovelies!!! When its Thursday you kinda know its almost the weekend so get excited!!! Welcome to the Part 2 of my last post, Day 3&4 (Lagos Fashion & Design Week). Day 3! Like i hinted in the last post, i had a wardrobe malfunction on Day 3 and for the first time in a […]


Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

  Hey Guys!!! How is everyone living??? I am not even going to try to apologize for being away from here because i have been positively busy so bear with me. In more exciting news, Nigeria turns 53 today and i am using this opportunity to wish every Nigerian out there a Happy Independence Celebration. […]


what we wore...

  Hey Lovelies, How was the weekend. Mine was pretty okay, I had a wedding on Saturday and worked on Sunday for a bit, after church. At some point caught a brief nap and indulged in a few hours of BBA (trust)! What did you do??? Weddings for me really are sort of like an excuse […]


Print Rain

Hey Guys!!! Been a minute : ( Forced myself to blog tonight, I’m owing so many posts its unbelievable. Took a week off work to step back a bit and attend to some pending styling stuff. I had thought I’d have more than enough time to blog but time just flew by literally. Anyways, hope […]


Her Style - Janelle Monae!

Hey FierceFam, How was the weekend? I was under the weather and spent the weekend connecting with our facebook  family from my bed the whole of Saturday and that made me feel better! You can see how it all went down on our facebook page  Today is about this glam queen Janelle Monae and her style. […]


New Hair on a Mustard Monday

Aloha, Hope the weekend was good. Mine was quite short, my saturday started with health trouble but ended with satisfaction after seeing skyfall (yes i got better at some point during the day) and thank God for this. I got a haircut woohoo! So i am finally on my way to the Afro i want […]