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Celebration with the girls'

Warning: Photo Overload!!! A weekend ago, i had an amazing time with my dear friend on her birthday and loved ones. As per usual, we chatted away and took too many photos for one night lol! Enjoy… Of course i had some alone time….. Trying to pull an Angelina Jolie….its no big deal lol! All […]


Steph's Surprise Bridal Do

Hello darlings, How are we ??? So, i logged in to find out i had 5 new followers and 10,331 page views and i’m grateful for this. Thanks to everyone who has ever stopped by to read !!! As you read, pls join the site and lets have fun on my fierce playground. I joined a site […]


My Holiday Moments - Part 2

hey honnies, So remember the post on my holiday moments here??? Okay the sequel is here, pls sit back and enjoy Part 2!!! My friends had a new year day party at theirs and yours truly was invited….it was held at their beautiful home later in the evening so i thought laid back and playful will be my style […]