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... And I was featured !

Hey Guys, Good weekend ??? Mine was just there….nothing special is happening to me right now but i am hopeful so i will remain thankful : ) Have you joined in the giveaway ??? See THIS post for more details….. do join in and comment with your contact details All you’s who read and don’t join won’t be part […]


I Loveeeee Neck Pieces!

Hello Fierceville, I haven’t posted nada all week (not good). Hope your week has been okay..i can’t say that about mine though, but glory be to God all the same. So i was flipping through my pictures last week and i saw quite a number where i spotted quite a few neckpieces and *drums rolling* i got […]


Ladies Day Out!

Hey guys, So since i moved back home, I’ve kind of lost touch hanging with my few but fab girls….mainly because of  errm i don’t have a reason. Thankfully, i had a chance to hang with my girl whom i met at the NYSC camp a few years back. She is cute and an amazing […]