August 31, 2014

August Faves!!!

Hey Guys,

I haven’t blogged all month! Time flies so fast when you are doing a lot. Hope the month has been great to you as it has to me….stay thankful through it all as it could be worse.

Now to fashion news, these are my fave outfits from August…i had something for dark lips, monochrome and single palettes…

August Faves

August Faves


August Faves

August Faves

I wore the first outfit to my Nephews dedication party hence the white ….Wore the second to work on a dark day lol! I wore the third just to take pictures on a day off at home…a few weeks ago! Crop Tops are a life saver these days, you can never go wrong in ‘all black everything’ and the denim on denim trend is timeless! Head on to our instagram handle @fierceandmodish to pick your favorite outfit from my August Faves.

I got a job through the pictures of the last look and it was so amazing how photography equals money to a stylist or a person in business of fashion/style/entertainment …my pictures bring me money, its time i invested in structured photo sessions every week, with a professional like it is done abroad. i mean anything for the business right?!


Another top trend i explored a lot this month was the Dark Lip. I am no Make Up Artiste but trust me when i say the #darkliptrend literally transforms who you are. it is sophisticated, fierce and obviously…dark! I loved trying on black, dark purple, dark green and the burgundy at different times and on different outfits;

Top secret: they are all pencils!


August Lippy Faves

August Lippy Faves


Head on  to our instagram page @fierceandmodish now to pick your favorite dark lippy look!

Can’t wait to see and experience what September has in store for me and the brand this month, i do know they are good things coming your way too as i write this post.

Stay fun & fashionable

its Msmodish,





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