October 1, 2013

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!


Hey Guys!!!

How is everyone living??? I am not even going to try to apologize for being away from here because i have been positively busy so bear with me.

In more exciting news, Nigeria turns 53 today and i am using this opportunity to wish every Nigerian out there a Happy Independence Celebration. Things are in no way the way we want it to be but we need to constantly strive to play our own little parts, pray for the nation and hope that at some point, a revolution will happen.

My outfit here was worn a few weeks ago but the green in it makes it apt for today : )


photo 4

Floral Print Asymmetric Print – H&M
Green Skinnies – H&M
Burgundy Strappy Sandals – Atmosphere

Its also my birth month this month…woohoo!!!

Yesterday i googled other celebrity birthdays in October apart from Kim K and Amber Rose which i had known for a while, and i was pleased to see that very talented and successful people like Gabrielle Union, Neyo, Ralph Lauren, John Mayer, Toni Braxton, Bruno Mars amongst a few others are born in the  beautiful month of October

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2(1)


We are strong, brave, persistent, fashionable, great singers and dancers, loving, firm and Godly…i am so blessed to see another birth month in good health and joy. It is very important to be grateful for life!

Have a great day off Nigerians’ and keep hope alive

its Ms Modish,



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