October 23, 2013

GTB Lagos Fashion & Design Week!!!


Hey Guys!!!

Its here again, a time when all fashion lovers, buyers, models, designers, stylists and more…gather together under one umbrella to exhibit and enjoy runway goodness from various designers, in Lagos!

In more exciting news, the shows start today which also happens to be my birthday woohoo and listen guys……..I’d be hosting social media for Maybelline NewYork (a sponsor) throughout the event!!!

I am so pleased because celebrating doing what i love is just fabulous and that is essence of life…fulfillment : )





Follow @maybellinenyng on twitter and @maybellinenyng on Instagram for all the Backstage, Runway and Red Carpet fierceness throughout the shows!!! Looking forward to meeting fantastic people and any readers at the event


I’d do a birthday post soonish…until then, stay fun and fashionable

its Ms Modish,






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