October 31, 2013

Candid Moments - LFDW Day 3&4

Hey lovelies!!!

When its Thursday you kinda know its almost the weekend so get excited!!! Welcome to the Part 2 of my last post, Day 3&4 (Lagos Fashion & Design Week).

Day 3!

Like i hinted in the last post, i had a wardrobe malfunction on Day 3 and for the first time in a really long time i didn’t have a plan B : ( i was so upset because i usually have plan b, c and d but that day, zero!

Anyways, i found a safe haven in this orange sheer dress from asos also worn here



Coincidentally, there was something  about color on Day 3, everyone seemed to appear in colors lol! I guess i made a great choice afterall


SAM_3936Sitting front row, waiting for the shows to start!

Day 4!

At this point i was excited fashion week was coming  to an end so i was literally over the free make-up sessions, front row life, interviews and out pour of personal style …i needed home!

My outfit choice was pretty busy yet exciting. I opted for a full plaid skirt which by the way, is a trend i advice a lot of girls to invest in just now.



I paired this gorge skirt with a print/sheer shirt made by my tailor…lime heels and silver accessories to achieve that drama i wanted lol!


My make up for the day was really light, i had asked  for it…i just wasn’t in the mood…..it had been a long 4 days but i am glad i was a part of it and in the way i was : )


Gosh i can’t believe October is over, it was such a beautiful month for me and i hope it was for you as well…what were your highlights???

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love and light,

its Ms Modish,



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