August 28, 2013

Catching Up....Part II

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing good and the week has been great so far! This post is just a quick rundown of my last week. Meanwhile, what did you think of the recent MTV VMA’s…? I was generally disappointed by the turn out of looks various celebrities spotted hence the lack of a fierce verdict but, it will be nice to see if any of my readers noticed anything worth talking about (asides from Miley’s drama)

Moving on, last week was quite eventful, various meetings on various projects that i hope will yield harvest real soon. Didn’t get a chance to take outfit photos until Thursday! There is no one to take me photos anymore, i have to figure that aspect of my life out in relation to my new work schedule.

Anyways, on this day…a fine woman came to my rescue lol!


casually dressed up

H&M I Asos I ZaraI Next



MI Abaga

I had a meeting with MI (a.k.a the chairman) and it was such a pleasure….


MI Abaga 2

I look drained, don’t blame me…it was like a 3-hour wait lol!

Thursday was still not over as i had to support the very talented FALZ as he  shot the video of  fab jam “High Class” . The theme for the scene i was supposed to be in was Dinner/Ball, hence my outfit for the night…


Cobalt blue dress

Cobalt is my favorite color and i was quick to pick this frilled silhouette in such a striking color to suit the theme for the night. Unfortunately, i couldn’t  stay for the shoot as the director chose to really run late, like 4 hours late…home-girl had to leave man but i still had fun chatting with friends and saw him (to show some support, regardless).

cobalt blue dress 2

Trying to pass time while waiting… keep in touch with me on instagram


cobalt blue dress 3


Moving on, i had some styling to do on Friday that i can’t talk about now for some reasons but in due cause, i will be able to.

Friday night was a fab time, i hung out with my friends and we partied all night haha. My outfit was quite understated but i loved it.


jersey dress

jersey dress trend

The Jersey dress trend is subtly stylish. Paired with strappy sandals and a clutch, i was well on my way to turn up…rihanna style lol!

While turning up…





girls 2


I had an amazing time of winding down…music is so therapeutic. I meant to make the GREY sale but couldn’t move on Saturday or Sunday : (

Until next time…

If fashion isn’t fun then you’re not doing it right

Its Ms Modish,




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