July 23, 2013

How to rock the monochrome look

Hey You Guys!!!

How was the weekend, and the new week???

My weekend was alright, my dear friend had a birthday thing on Sunday and it was so good to see old buddies : )  I’d bring you photos of that fun night very soon.

This week has been so busy for me, my life as a full time stylist, blogger and contributor has been off to a great start and i am thankful for this.



monochrome 1

I shall be styling a beauty pageant with 15 girls competing for a grand prize on Thursday 25th July, 2013. Its called the Most Youthful Nigerian Diva and i am excited to be a part of the project, whatever platform God gives one to exhibit skill and talent must be deeply appreciated


On to my outfit, the Monochrome look has been in for a tad  and girls’ be rocking dresses and separates in the white and black palette. I hate trends (anyone who knows me knows that) so I try to own it and give it a little bit of a twist to avoid looking trendy

I wore this to work two weeks ago, mixing my monochrome outfit with details in a pop of color for a fun vibe

monochrome 3



monochrome 7

What interests you???

Whatever interests you, go for it, embrace it, constantly keep at it and one day you’d be more than grateful you did

Until another post comes your way,

Stay fashionable and friendly

Its Ms Modish,



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