July 15, 2013

Best of the Weekend

Hey you guys!!!

Hope everyone is well, and the weekend???

I spent mine engaging in spiritual activities and reflecting on certain decisions I am currently making in my life . It was a deep weekend.

Moving on to regular activities, my fave showed up at the mall in a swimsuit look over the weekend! I mean who does this lol! I love it anyway because she made it work. I mean you can wear anything anywhere really, its all about you making it work!



Rihanna went shopping has Monte Carlo


Popular actress and blogger Ashley Madekwe also shared this Ankara look on her website over the weekend, and I thought she looked super cool. The tribal print, well toned abs and all made me green with envy…I love it!




Simplicity is everything!

I don’t want to sound like I am obsessed with Rihanna even though I am but I am, her outfit to the UK Wireless Festival was exceptionally fab! Mel Ottenberg does a fantastic job of styling this woman, she owns her space like no other.




I have a few personal style posts in the works that should be up this week. In the meantime, do not be far away from my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages (get through to all using the right side bar)

Have a fashionable week guys!!!

Its Ms Modish,



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