June 14, 2013

Just another Thursday

Hey Guys,

How is everyone living, I am so excited for the weekend : )   My dreadful alarm won’t go off!!! This week has been a “tell me about it” one but I am so grateful for life that I won’t complain.




I wore this to work yesterday, business casual outfits are the truth….


I am obsessed with this hairstyle, this is the second time in a little over a month I have had it on…


In music news, Tuface ft Tpain – Rainbow Remix is the jam of the moment, I can’t get enough of it : )



Asides from that, its a wonderful life full of opportunities that I will keep trying my hands on until I blow (in the Nigerian sense of the word)


All I have planned for the weekend is BBA, GOT (season finale), Mad Men (all the episodes I’m owing)

Its just impossible to live a normal life during the week : (


PS: stay fashionable : )

Its Ms Modish,



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