May 22, 2013

Floral and All

Happy Wednesday Beautiful (s)

Hope your week is going well! So i meant to just update the site with a personal style post but something happened at my work place today that i really need to use this platform to discuss (on a light note)


floral print


Why do some women have complex? Being unnecessarily defensive over next to nothing, acting like you know all when you don’t even have an idea or hating those who seem to be doing better than you are!

The whole thing makes no sense to me…


floral print

Of course i don’t like everybody but i believe strongly in “live and let live”  You do not need to hate on anyone’s hustle to feel better about yourself…

floral print

At work, in social circles, on social networks even in church!!! People ooze tonnes of hate and hurt one wonders what LOVE really represents in this world.

The mistake human beings make is we are so concerned about trivial and irrelevant things so much that we tend to forget what really matters in life…

purple denim

I am a total advocate for “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE” so have fun, relax and maximize every opportunity you have but at the same time, life is such a fragile concept…one must tread carefully and in love.

This does not apply to young women alone but even older ones as well. Women really need to chill!

Elite fashion bag

floral print

floral print

Hi-low blouse – oasis
Purple denim – ms selfridge
Animal print booties – river island
Sling bag – elite fashion
Sunnies – borrowed from the beau


Have fun guys…and keep spreading love

its Ms Modish,




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