April 4, 2013

Mod Men Alert - Graphic Socks


The Graphic Sock Trend has been on for a while but i noticed a lot of men are still very much skeptical about embracing it. Yes i agree it may look too young but its fun, fresh, exciting and very much stylish!


Mustache  graphic socks

Mustache Print Graphic Socks



River Island aztec print

River Island Aztec Print Socks


The Pop it gives the entire outfit when seen cannot be over-emphasized. Older men can comfortably embrace The Tribal and Stripped Patterns which are safer and less daring.


Camo brights

Camo Pattern Socks


The trick is to make sure one of the colors in your outfit (suits or separates) are found on the sock and you are good. Sometimes this rule can be ignored but a Scott Disick i guess lol!


Humor aztec print

Humor Aztec Print Socks

ted baker key socks

Ted Baker Key Socks


Gone are the days when men wore just grey and black socks…… Try these patterns!


Tribal Print Socks

Tribal Print Socks


Paul Smith Striped Socks

Paul Smith Striped Socks


Graphic socks are so the way to go and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is : )

Tea Cup Print Socks

Teacup Print Socks


Have a Fashionable Thursday

its Ms Modish,