February 5, 2013

This season is all about you, my baby.

Hey Darlings,

Hope your week has been off to a good start.

So i am here, sitting in my bed…listening to Maxwell’s sumthin sumthin (he’s coming to Nigeria for valentine’s by the way)  and decided to drop a note before i go to bed.

Knitwear dress- Next (Gifted)

I have always been a woman with very big dreams all my life, no matter the opposition (and trust me there have been). However, life happens and you stall on plans, opportunities not taken, satisfaction of some sort creeps in from time to time and i loose the drive (yes i am human).

The good thing though is i have it constantly at the back of my mind that there are things i need to accomplish in life to feel fulfilled and blessed. To cut the long story short, i have finally made the move to take my blog to the next level, to be serious about it and make big big things out of this small thing (i’m talking monetization, domain name, brand launch, production, shop and stuff)

A lot of people do not understand what is done here and that’s okay because i am not blogging for everyone but those that do give me the encouragement to keep going on and make me smile when they say such sweet things about this thing that started as my little space.

In a few weeks, expect a lot of changes and in the coming months, more changes, its all about my baby, my blog, my vision, my calling, my desire…this season.

I have a day job that takes most of my time but i will try to always balance things out here as it is my thing so i must pursue it.

This must be the only time i have opened up on this blog about my thoughts and not fashion related stuff and it makes me feel free to fly!

Until later….have a safe one.

its Ms Modish,

PS: Look out for the next post before the week shuts down, its “The Black and White Trend”


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