February 9, 2013

These Just In!

Hi Guys,

Hope the weekend is treating you fair! I spent the day running a few errands, finishing off Luther (the British series), watching football and now blogging. This saturday has not been so shabby : 0 )

At the start of the year, i promised myself and everyone around me that i’d tone down on the shopping as i obviously have other important projects to spend my money on. I have been doing okay but essentials cannot be ignored if you are into fashion.

I have gained some weight in the lower body region and need a few bottoms as i gave out quite a number as a result of the change. The love of plaid is the beginning of wisdom as i usually say so i could not pass on this one (thinking of styling it with a burgundy bow tie) and the accessory, just the one i needed right about now!

Got all on a bargain too…

That’s me!

Have a restful Sunday and great luck to the super eagles of Nigeria as they take on Burkina Faso at the finals of the on going African Cup of Nations Tournament in South Africa. “Bring the trophy home”. Dbanj will also be performing at the closing ceremony, i can’t wait to watch as he usually has electrifying performances : ) 

Its the grammy awards as well tomorrow and i’d be looking forward to seeing my fave stars and their outfits on the red carpet.. look out for fierce verdict on that one! Of course, number one on that list would be Rihanna : )

Until later….stay safe and fashionable

its Ms Modish,


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