January 15, 2013

Fierce Find - Celine Ombre Sunnies

Hey lovelies,

How are things today???

This year, one of the new things that’ll be happening on this blog will be the  Fierce Find !!!  It is simply stuff that i find either online, in store, on a celebrity or in a magazine and i am totally in love with.

These pieces can either be trending or not but the general idea is to get you guys and myself inspired. Today’s fierce find are these Celine Shadow ombre sunnies worn by Kim Kardashian (who by the way obviously looks preggers in this photo, judging by her carefree updo and outfit) very recently. Forget everything else and focus on these eye candies, they are The Kill!

What i love the most about the sunnies is the fact that it makes one look so dressed up, you can totally ditch the make up and hair for these babies and you’re ready to go, no one will notice!!! Loves them and they are available for sale HERE 

Have a nice evening
Its Ms Modish,

Credits: www.fashionbombdaily.com  


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