December 7, 2012

Peplum Fever

Hello Darlings!!!

How is life ??? Not feeling too myself today so i am blogging to feel better : )

If there is a trend that has been whored out this season, its the peplum trend. At some point i started to wonder why fashion decides to sleep with every girl on the street, at the office, at parties/events, in church or wherever lol!

The peplum trend is so all over the place hence the title of this post. Almost everyone is on it in tops, dresses and skirts which makes it a huge deal. Anyways my verdict on the trend is i love it in skirts and dresses but totally hate it in tops. I guess i am not that girly afterall : (

I got this leopard spots peplum dress recently and fell in love with the style of peplum it came in. For me, a little twist in trend singles out your piece from the bulk of them on the street so invest in such pieces my friends.

I accesorized with silver pieces to finish off my look this day, enjoy!

I particularly love this Vintage neckpiece

Keep the peplum fever going until the next big thing kicks it out of the way and have a fashionable weekend !!!

its Ms Modish,


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