December 14, 2012

Mellow Yellow, Tan + Honey

Happy Friday Guys,

Unfortunately i’m not so excited, feeling under the weather at the moment : (

Anyways onto today’s post, i love the names of the new and contemporary colors today. Berry, teal, rust, tan, honey, aqua, emerald, coral, cobalt etc

Those names make colors sound so complicated and important lol!

But trust me when i say there is power in color!    
Gone are the days we wore black, white and grey lol! Long gone!!!
This style post features me in 3 colors, i even sealed it with an orange lippy, : )

Velvet which happens to be the texture of this skirt is in this season so go get your’s!

When i saw this blouse, it was love at first sight. The color and neckline cut intrigued me and i knew i had to have it. Its a lil’ vintage-ish right?

Now interestingly, i didn’t have any piece to pair it with so i had it stacked away for months. Then luck came my way and i came accross the skirt very recently and bought it because i knew it was “The One” for the blouse. I wanted a co-ordinated look and this is what i got : )

Do you guys think of the items in your closet when you shop ???

I think the answer should be yes and no… its nice to do some random buying without thinking cuz you never know when that skirt or dress will come in very handy. However, its important to think about the pieces in your closet sometimes so you can have pieces that compliment each other. You don’t want to have odd clothes everywhere, its too tasking to figure them out.

 Have a great weekend guys
its Ms Modish,


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