December 12, 2012

I Love Vintage, a lil' too much!

Hey People, happy wednesday to you : )

Anyone who knows me personally, probably knows my love for vintage pieces knows no bounds. I love thrifted stuff, while in school i had myself walk into stores off the high street looking for something different, something not trendy, something old!

I intend to sell vintage stuff on the blog at some point, so the love can go round. Interestingly, Nigerians are beginning to love vintage as well and a few people have started lines and stores dedicated to vintage stuff alone.

An easier way to acquire such amazing stuff is from the parents and this was the case with this blouse. My mum gave me this red polka dot blouse a few months ago and i fell in love with it instantly. The colour, the fit, the look….everything i want in a vintage blouse. I paired it with an equally vintage midi skirt to tie both together and achieve a look as 60′s as possible lol!

I kept my accesories in the today hence the python skin effect collar and skinny black belt…..

The thing about vintage pieces is you have to be able to pull it off to avoid looking off lol! I know some very fashionable women who have vowed not to go that route at all but hey, live a little…..step of out of your bodycon zone and try a frumpy dress, a beautiful woman will always be a beautiful woman : 0 )

“Classic pieces never go out of vogue”

Ipod playing- i just wonder, do you ever, think of me, anymore, do you…. Neyo!
Lovely song, unfortunately no one sings stuff like that anymore : (
Before i forget, a special thanks to my beau for werking on these photos !
its Ms Modish,


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