November 13, 2012

New Hair on a Mustard Monday


Hope the weekend was good. Mine was quite short, my saturday started with health trouble but ended with satisfaction after seeing skyfall (yes i got better at some point during the day) and thank God for this. I got a haircut woohoo! So i am finally on my way to the Afro i want so bad right now : ) 

Now to this post,  my monday was off to a mustard start, i wore a jacket gifted to me by my dear friend for my birthday ( which was less than a month ago) …  with a pair of pale-blue khaki slim pants.

I had been searching for the perfect mustard yellow jacket for a while now and was really happy to recieve this, as my friend got the perfect tone and fit for me : )

Down to the detail, i did’nt have to look too hard to fish out my mustard, navy and gold neckpiece that i hardly ever wear, to go with this ensemble. I paired this up with my crucifix ring and gold bracelet so every piece could speak for itself plus its to work, no drama is needed.

I absolutely love how this look turned out, some of the best things in life are gifts!

Mustard Jacket/Neckpiece – Topshop
Pants- asos

More posts coming up this week, until then…have yourselves a wonderful one.

its Ms Modish,

Photo Credits: Stephanie Okpala


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