November 16, 2012

heavily pastel-led

Happy Friday to all my readers around the world, this is wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. 

Pastel colors are soft, clean, easy on the eye and very feminine (even though guys rock em). I got this pastel colored wrap-round illusion skirt a while back and wore it to work earlier this week and must say i felt very feminine lol!

I love this skirt because it gives you a combination with quite a number of pastel pallete colors all in one piece!

Paired with a ruffled pastel blouse, this felt like the combination of life! lol

Wear pastel colors to achieve a soft and crisp look….

I tonned down on the shoe matter so my clothes could speak for themselves. The belt and shoes had elements of gold going on which worked for me : )

 Embrace the pastel trend in its entirety… so invest in mints, corals, pale greys, soft blush, canary yellows and white!

I feel this post is inspiring and certainly hope you guys do too : )

Have a fab weekend

Its Ms Modish,

Photo Credits- Lanre Ajayi


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