November 2, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Hey Y’all,

So i’m sorry ive been awol! How was last weekend and the long weekend for those who live in Nigeria ???

I know what i asked is kind of weird as another weekend is here lol, but anyway : )

The long weekend was great as i  made sure to sleep a lot and  attended Day 4- MTN Lagos Fashion and Design week. Details of that will show up here very soon but i already put on a few photos of the collections i fancied on Instagram so follow me on there!

For now, i thought to share the rest of my birthday pictures with you guys : )  

I got 2 out of 5 items off my birthday wishlist, not a great score but yaaay i tried lol. I recieved a few other stuff from loved ones and i’m grateful for this.

My office crew got me this red velvet heavenly, drinks and wine before i went to dinner, thanks guys!

Dress- Virgos Lounge
Shoes- Rascal

It was a fun day that ended on a brilliant note and cheers to the new age!
My heart goes out to all those affected by the Super Storm Sandy, keep holding up and be strong.
its Ms Modish,


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