October 19, 2012

Birthday Wishlist !!!

Happy Friday Guys,

The weekend is here and i am so happy : )

So my birthday is on tuesday yaaay and amidst all the things i want, there are a few things i hope and pray i will recieve on that glorious day lol!

I made up a collage of these things and they are…

1. Canon EOS 7D – i am sincerely overdue for this
2. Mulberry Black Bag – its funny cuz as we speak i don’t have a black bag lol. They all just went away : (
3.Burgundy I-pad Case – you should see my pink one, its gone lol
4. Bvlgari Omnia – My fave scent till date
5. Micheal Kors Rose Gold & Brown Silicone Watch – i need this in my life

The other things i want to recieve are denim shirts and floral pants, really haven’t seen any that i fancy around *yes i’m weird like that!

Even if i don’t get anything, i am more than grateful for life, love and all of God’s blessings as he’s grace always sees me through!

In also exciting news, i entered a giveaway on thirdworldprofashional.com a week ago and just realized i won : )  I’m so pleased. Check out the dress below by http://virgoslounge.com/ …. i love it, especially the back!!!

Have a nice weekend and stay fashionable through it

its Ms Modish,


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