October 17, 2012

Back to Werk, Blogging and Life!!!

Hey guys,

So i have been MIA for 2 weeks and gaily so lol! I needed a break from all the works and i’m very happy i got it. Yesterday, i returned back to work and all, hence the title of this post.

So if you have been a friend of the blog, i had mentioned recently that i wanted to grow my hair out natural and start to wear some sort of a sick fro like Ag’s of the great zeldanfestus.blogspot.com. My hair which i ripped of 10 months ago had grown out a bit so i decided to put them in braids to strech out the base and have more virgin hair growing out. My hair grows really fast so i’m hoping it does’nt take me too long to get there.

Its been a few days of the braids and its official, i hate hair lol! But people say i look like a lady and it suits me….what do you think ? Its staying on for a few weeks anyway.

White Shirt- Zara
Black Pants- Jasper Conran
Shoes- Mango
Sunnies- Cole Haan

I’m happy to be back to blogging a few times a week because its something i love to do, don’t forget to follow the blog as you drop by. Strawberry kisses and hugs : )

its Ms Modish,


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