September 7, 2012

Teal et Tangerine

Hello Lovelies,

Teal and Tangerine are some of my best contemporary colors and the reason is not far-fetched. They are bold, fun and show stopping. As a matter of fact, i picked both for a dear friend’s wedding coming up real soon and honestly cannot wait to see results.

Color blocking on the other hand…. i am not a big fan of, largely because its over-used. I mean everyone loves the trend, which is okay but on such occassions…. i usually pass (corky much and i know lol )

Anyways i had a go at it yesterday to work as thursdays are semi casual days and i was going off in the evening to another meeting so i needed something comfy. Here’s what i came up with

I was bored with my nails last weekend, thought to paint them different colors… it works !


Neckpiece- Topshop (old)

Teal shoes- Next (Runway)

Instagramed : )

This weekend will be busy, need to prepare myself and the boo for a dear friend’s wedding. Also meeting up with my friend who came to town briefly, with her husband and there may be pictures : )
Whatever you do….. do stay stylish
its Ms Modish,


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