September 3, 2012

Switch things up a Lil'

Happy Monday Guys !!!

Hope everyone’s weekend rocked. I spent mine moving boxes of clothes down a flight of stairs and up another, my shoulders still hurt : (

In other news, i’m in the process of cutting my hair as i want to grow it out natural… a girl needs a hawt fro : ) so technically im tired of this current hair cut (as usual).

I decided to switch things up a little by tying a lil turban on my very vintage dress to church on Sunday…. here’s how that panned out

Pls don’t ask me how i did it because i just did… i never learn how to do anything (singing, dancing, cooking, buying etc), i just try my hands on it and it works out just fine lol (genius aint it)

The dress is so vintage.. it hides all em curves i know…but its poker dot with lace collar style details so i love it !  My photographer was crap so i did’nt get a full length photo lol!

Have a blessed week
its Ms Modish


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