September 25, 2012

Steph's Surprise Bridal Do

Hello darlings,

How are we ???

So, i logged in to find out i had 5 new followers and 10,331 page views and i’m grateful for this. Thanks to everyone who has ever stopped by to read !!! As you read, pls join the site and lets have fun on my fierce playground.

I joined a site called Independent Fashion Bloggers and my oh my… there are fashion bloggers in this world ! I am overwhelmed by the amount of bloggers from different continents expressing their limitless love for clothes, shoes, bags, make-up and all things beautiful. I’m hoping to learn new things as i intend to take my blog more seriously, get new followers/follow more people, network and generally have fun with the best thing ever ‘style’.

Moving on, i hinted you guys recently that it was my friend’s surprise bridal do, two saturdays ago. It was my first time planning such (as i can count my friends with my 10 fingers), but it was fun. I am happy it turned out well.

We had her hubby drop her off and pick her up after 4hrs of madness…. the videos of us dancing are just wild and can’t make it up here but thank God, the pictures are decent lol. Enjoy!

she was dragged in from a church convention, hence the coporate outfit but our crown made it werk !


blowing kisses with love to the would-be bride

the niccurs chilling…

i asked the other girls to wear sequin tops so we can look the part

twas all about herrr

there was so much food around this table that night lol



azonto took over at some point haha

our bride and groom

it was a fun night


      She’s married now and i will put up a few pictures from the wedding ceremony, soon.  Love you guys.

      its Ms Modish,


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