August 17, 2012

Total Recall

Hey Hunnies,

Hope your week has been fruitful.

So i saw Total Recall - the movie last night and i was wowed…loved every single minute of it.  It kept  me on the edge of my sit throughout as opposed to that mistake called Dark knight Rises lol.

I saw it after my training so my outfit was werkish and i had to use my ipad for photos… bear with me.

Kate Beckinsale was beautiful and merciless whilst Jessica Biel and Colin Farell (he’s too cute by the way) kept it real every step of the way…i absolutely loved it !!!!

Let me share my outfit with you….

these navy pants are a blessing and the shoes, i got on a sale at mango here a while back…love the color!

watch- storm
mustard shoes- mango
navy pants- B2C
Accesories- random places
pokerdot blouse (new)- can’t remember

i did not mean to hide my face away for such  a long time lol

What do you have planned for the holidays ???

Photo Credits- Tobi Razaq. I need to thank her for keeping up with my photo requests whilst on training. When i get there i will hire a photo assistant for style posts lol.

its Ms Modish,


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