August 31, 2012

The erotic and The bloody

Hello guys, how are we ???

August has been such a long month and im happy its ended. Its Friday and I’m thankful for this because i love to chill after a long and hectic week of waking by 6a.m (oh dear) for work.

The chilling this time around will be amazing as i have two books to read *yaay

To be honest, i have not be doing a lot of book reading lately (even though there are stacks in my room). I have been into blogs, general news and reading different pieces online which may not be necessarily productive…. well apart from my fashion and style based ish.

Anyways, these two books are Fifty shades of grey and Game of thrones  !!!

The former, a few people around me have read and I’ve heard stories of but i am ready to dig in and see for myself while the latter, i have watched the HBO series but will love to read the actual and entire book (which happens to cover everything) as the storyline is Epic.

fifty shades of grey

game of thrones: a song of ice and fire

With these two new reads….I’m just going to relax and enjoy on my ipad this awesome weekend : ) 

The UEFA SUPER CUP is tonight and my babies (chelseafc) are playing, i intend to watch that too.

Also going to visit the salon…. its a surprise so i won’t tell what i’m up to until soon.

Whatever you do, stay safe and stylish.

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 Its Ms Modish,


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