August 14, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Hey Lovelies,

Hope everyone’s weekend rocked.

I am so looking forward to the public holidays ahead, can’t wait really as i intend to sleep my eyes out.

So, my last post informed y’all about the honey’s plus one…. it happened last Saturday and was fun ! 

I don’t really like hanging out with friends and stuff, infact my cousins call me anti-social but i call it loving private moments lol.

However, he had to have his way though (hanging with his friends) so i supported lol.

Cake number one….gorgeous !

Cake number 2- Fierce!

It was all about him, afterall !

 I had stuff planned out in my own stylish way, hence the title of this post so after all missions had been accomplished,  my highlight goes thus-

Me:  Rate your birthday over 10
Him: 8

It was a wonderful time and cheers to many more !!!  Have a blessed rest of the week : O )

Its Ms Modish,


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