August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Boo !!!

Hey Lovelies,

This happens to be my first scheduled post since i started blogging (almost two years now). I’m doing this because i know i will not blog this weekend.

Its my darling boyfriend’s birthday today 11th August and I’m as excited as the celebrant, or even more : )

This post is specifically to wish him many more healthy, fulfiling, prosperous and peaceful years ahead as he clocks plus one today.

I have tried to put a pep in his stylish step so his gifts are what he pretty much needs right now (not telling).

What does he have planned…. no party but its saturday so we shall go some place. I will put up pictures to that effect.

Right now, i am loving him like no other and i hope it stays that way, I met him at a very critical point in my life and I’m grateful he came by….he’s a sweetheart!

The young man happens to loooooove sunglasses so much that i fail to understand it sometimes !

loves to work out too…. i love the result (the abbbbbbbbbs under)

Happy Birthday Spooky face

I’m in competition with his football club- Manchester United but he’s also in competition with mine- Chelsea FC lol !


Let me leave you with a quote from one of the good books i have read- “The Lady, her Lover and her Lord”

when a lady has a lover, her eyes sparkle, her smile is bright and her voice is calm and passionate, with her lover at her side, her heart is peaceful, for she feels secure and can close her eyes and rest her head on his shoulder

My point is, no matter how many times you may get dissappointed by relationships….keep your head up and never underestimate your strength to love again and move on. Life is for the living !!!

Aii Folks, have a stylish weekend

its Ms Modish,


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