August 29, 2012

Crazy for Paisley

Fashion fades, Style is eternal – Yves Saint-Laurent
The Paisley print trend has been around for a while, i like the Traditional Persian/Indian design it stems from because it makes all the statement a woman wants.
I spotted this schoolgirl dress in the paisley print a few weeks ago…. fabuloso
Now there’s a story behind what became of this dress and i will share it with you. So, the dress was originally my cousin’s and i envied her cuz i thought the print was sick (as you can see lol).
It turns out she was heading to iron it and i adviced her not to so it doesn’t get burnt. Lo and Behold, the minute she placed the iron on the dress, it got burnt on the chest area.
We were both sad and she went to bed almost crying lol. She threw the dress at me and said i could do whatever i liked with it.
So, i channeled my inner creativity and gave a tailor to buy a yard of chiffon and replace the chest area with the material whilst altering it to my size.
It was also not peter-pan collared initially, i told her to make something trendy out of it which she did. I was so happy with the end result.
So yaay, then came my schoolgirl meets persian print dress : )
You LIke ???
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I can totally see myself in this sheer dress, decked on with these glasses.
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