August 3, 2012

A wedding to remember- Part 2 !!!

Hey Guys,

I know…I’ve been a shit blogger and i apologize.

Moving on…..i hope your week was good, i can’t totally say that about mine but I’m definitely happy the weekend is here …there’s some major fun time ahead : ) Hopefully i will share some photos with you.

I posted Part 1 of ”a wedding to remember” last week, see post HERE

Well this post is the Part 2 and it features the engagement bit of the 2-day ceremony. It was a family thing and was done at the bride’s house and we sure had fun.

My friend looked really pretty in her traditional outfit and her hubby looked dapper in his- simple and nice.

After a few hours of long talk….we were ready to eat, dance and make merry. My friend cried at some point, making it an emotional ceremony because I’m sure leaving the parents is never an easy thing.

Before i get carried away pls see a few pictures….

Bride in the second outfit….some Igbo sturvs lol

Bride in the first outfit….she looked amazing

my rabbit tooth…..tres hillarious !

God bless em!

Have a nice weekend

its Ms Modish,


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