July 5, 2012

Menswear in 2013 !

Hey Fiercefam,

Hope everyone’s week has been okay.

Its been rainning in Lagos all day everyday and this kinda affects ones health, mood, work and all. I really cannot wait for this season to be over….i miss the sun !!!

Anyways, i went through the 2013 Menswear Spring Collection of some designers and was wowed at some of the fashion we expect to see from the Men next year

From metallics to lace fabrics, Mens’ fashion in 2013 is not for kids.

Burberry  featured Candy men in metallic fabrics, I can’t stand this tho… 

they look like firemen….cute ones!

Lace cut-outs…loves it !

Finally they get to wear jumpsuits !!!

Fab stuff, I can totally make this for my man : )

Sheath Dresses – Currently undecided about this….

My favourite look-forward-to piece…..waistbands lol

Lace Fabric which i think is cute if minimal

which of these are you ready to try out…..remember fashion is all about trying new and different things !!!

its Ms Modish,

credits- http://www.nymag.com/


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