July 20, 2012

A wedding to remember (Part 1)

Hey guys,

How has your week been ???

Mine has been okay and i honestly just fully recovered from last weekend. My dear friends got married and the 2-day celebration was not dulling at all.

The fierce verdict really is i need to try as much as i can to have a small wedding, it was bliss.

From the engagement (to be featured in Part 2 of this post) to the wedding…. we all had a fun time. The DJ was on fire, supplying all the tunes needed and trust me, i killed it lol !

One would think i was the one getting married, i was too excited.

The food was so good and filling as well so what more could i ask for, my friends made it happen and we all are grateful to God.

It was definitely a wedding to remember : )

See pictures…

There was a lot of drama behind this dress but a true style star finds a way out of a potential wardrobe malfunction which is what i did !!!

This design is fully inspired by House of Nwocha fall 2012 collection (see below), i was wowed the minute i saw it and promised myself i’d make it  happen for my friend’s wedding, with the help of two designers, it happened.


Moving on…the gorge bride…..

She most definitely dazzled her way through the day…the frock was simple but definitely pretty which is my friend’s style really, so it worked.

Catching up on some friendship times lol….the couple before entering the reception. 

    We danced our socks off !

My cousin was not left out….she was kinda more interested in showing off her mermaid or is it milk maid braid…can’t remeber really. Its supposed to be inspired by a post from the fab http://www.milk-n-mild.com/

    There were quite a number of kodak moments !

    My mum (right) congratulating the bride (my friend) with a hugggggge smile lol

    The couple and my crew!

Watch- Swatch
Purse- asos

Shoes- Aldo

God bless their union, now and always.
Have a good weekend folks
its Ms Modish,


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