July 12, 2012

A dear friend is getting married !!!

Hello folks,

How are you guys ???

I am too excited as the weekend to look forward to is finally here : )

My dear friend and her man (whom also happens to be my dear friend) are getting married and i am so happy about it. 

Its really nice when you watch a relationship grow till it becomes a marriage, which is the case with these wonderful friends of mine.  

I thought up this little memory lane board of our times together…. i am so happy for both of them and wish them all i’d ever wish myself when im getting married.
I intend to dance my socks off this weekend, expect pictures of my gorge dress (i hope lol) and fun times with lovely people.
Meanwhile, have u listened to Frank Ocean’s nu album ??? Homegirl has channel orange on replay !!!
Until later, have a fab day ahead
its Ms Modish,


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