June 29, 2012

Spotted in Menswear !

Hello fiercefam,

Hope your week has been alright. Mine has been too stressful i must say, really can’t wait to get some rest this weekend.

What rocked or sucked for you this week ???

If you have followed my posts, you will know i am a huge Rihanna whore (fan) lol. Babe does no wrong in my eyes, when it comes to her i must say i am mega million bias.

She’s a style star that works it in this photo with a colorful menswear number, i like the satin detail by the sides and lapel….very noice.

See others working same style….

 I am totally loving this trend and see myself in it, the last picture is my favourite *too fierce.

 Have a great weekend

 Its Ms Modish

 Photo Credits- http://www.fashionbombdaily.com/


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