May 3, 2012

Who Wore it Best??? Asos Body Con Dress !!!

Hey Guys,

Its been a few days…hope everyone is kicking : )

I have missed blogging so i promised myself it had to happen today. Today’s post is quite different from every other yup yup. Its the first ever who wore it best on the FNM blog and I’m uber excited lol.

So my darling friend and i purchased this dress a while back but wore it on the same day a few weeks ago and i got inspired to take pictures after begging her for days.

Anywho, your job is to appreciate both looks and comment on who you think nailed it ! As for me, the fact that her’s is red has made me jealous so not much can do further damage : )

Both Body Con Dresses- Asos

Pink rubber watch- Oasis

Animal print pumps- Next (Runway Collection)

So yea what do y’all think !

In other news, thanks to everyone who has joined/followed the blog and me on twitter through the fierce giveaway .

I have decided to extend it by a week so keep joining and keep following my dear fashionable friends.

Have a nice thursday, its pretty boring around here though.

its Ms Modish,


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