April 17, 2012

The H&M 2012 Conscious Collection is Delicious!

Hey Guys,

How goes it?

I was going through my twitter timeline last night and a few people were going on about H&M’s new eco- friendly collection.

Personally, i love the brand…i mean i could sleep in an H&M store while i was away and stuff but i did not expect the pieces i am seeing in this collection at all.

Apparently the collection is their greenest so far and includes a number of dramatic floor-length gowns and skirts in on-trend silhouettes, with pops of neon and floral prints; all made using sustainable materials.

Without sounding too overboard, i must say i am impressed with majority of the pieces and these are my favourites…

You can view the entire collection here

Have an easy evening and don’t forget to enter the first ever fierce giveaway which starts on Friday : )
You can get hints here but the flyers will be up tomorrow *promise*

Love always folks!

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