April 4, 2012

Back and Better!

Hey Y’all

How have you guys been?? I have missed this place and doing this thing : )

I was under the weather all throughout last week and boyyy it was’nt fun….i thank God for good health restored.

So yesterday i found these pictures that should have gone up in a post since forever (as usual) so i thought to be back with it

I got this dress last year from grey and wore it to a friend’s wedding and that was it.

I remember almost every girl in the hall stylishly turning their heads thinking what is she on about lol…

Boy I sure knew what i was on about….my beautiful dress of course : ))))))

After the huba bubba of that day though, the sad part is the dress had been sitting in my closet since then..not worn.

I mean its red, so wearing it to work i thought was a bit too much but then i looked at it again about two weeks and figured what the hell! The dress if toned down with a blazer would pass for work (considering my work isn’t too strict) so i tried it out and loved it !

Dress- grey
Navy cudroy blazer- principles

 The moral of the story is your event worthy dresses don’t have to be restricted to events alone. If they are paired with the proper piece, a re-work can be done for it to fit other purposes/places.

Its fun, fresh and exciting : )

Its the Easter weekend and i am looking forward to it….hopefully pictures will be taken if i go anywhere.

Till then, its nothing but love. Have a happy Easter celebration !

its Ms Modish,


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