March 16, 2012

there are satchels and There are Satchels....

Hi people,

So its Friday yea but I am not so excited, the weekend will be spent with the boo outta town *no good* but anyway blogging must go on : )

Satchels have been in for a while now and trust me when i say i have seen quite a number that i never gave a second look because they were either the regulars, boring and ordinary until i ran into this gorge one

I totally fell in love at first sight and even though i did not need, i had to get it *a habit that i seriously need to give up*

I loved it first because of its colour (Dark Green) and then the skin vibe as well….perfecto for me

I launched it on Monday and took adhoc pictures of it with my iphone, i meant to send them to instagram but been too busy so please see it the way it is lol

You can shop other styles HERE

Satchels if carried right can make you look like you own a business, not bad at all eh !

Have a good weekend people
Its Ms Modish,


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