March 15, 2012

My Blues are through !!!

Hello people,

So I’m in a fab mood this morning infact from last night and you will soon know why : 0 )

This is the first time i’m blogging about footie and i’m happy about that as its been a part of my life for a while (11yrs)

I love football, yes i am a chelsea fan, always have been and i love Barca too !

I mean what’s there not to love….the men, their jerseys, the field, the crowd, the goals, the managers, the thrill, the excitement, the joys, the pains and i can go on and on

Its a wonderful sport….all you girly girls who dont like it should give it a try

Anywhoo, back to the business of this blogpost, its been a very trying season for team chels and i almost haven’t watched any match till the end, this season, in all the leagues

This season hasn’t just been it but as a fan and trublu, you need to hang on and hope the story will change because football is unpredictable

This is what happened to Chelsea FC last nite in the 2nd leg of the match to qualify for quarter finals against Napoli. These guys had won the first leg so we were not likely to win based on aggregate

Suprisingly, the boys were hungry and fought for a wow come back every single minute of the game

Yes we qualified!!! 4-1 based on last nights game and 5-4 based on aggregate

The blues are the last english team standing in the champions league and i am so proud of this. I was and still am excited

For more scoop on the match and CFC go HERE and enjoy : )

I also got a few pictures……I am an excited Blue Mama right now

Welldone Boys : ) and cheers to more mind blowing victories

My guy Didier ; ))))))))))

We done did it !!!

Have a great rest of the day and don’t forget to join this site before you leave
Its Ms Modish,

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